Monday, November 15, 2010

Echoes (O.S.I.)

Hi bloggers,

I've written two poems for O.S.I. The theme this week is echoes.

Across the water
In the skyline

God’s voice
In the wind
The Universe
Of my heart
Full and wide

Echoes of poems
Lines rehearsed
Scriptures repeated
Rapture claps
Against my lips
The heart sings
An echo
Of spirit


SandyCarlson said...

Yes. Beautifully said. Thank you.

Kilauea Poetry said...

I can feel a lot of gratitude here- thanks for sharing it! That's so true..thankfully He does revive..bringing his word and ways to our remembrance- great piece:)

Kay said...

oh, i could totally use some of that echo... mmmm hmmmm... and amen! :)

indicaspecies said...

Lovely. And I echo Kay's sentiments.

JStar said...

Your words speak to my spirit with each word written...

Jingle Poetry said...

lovely echos.
your words make music.

Amity said...

I could hear sounds magical Write girl! perfect!

Nanka said...

Resolving past echoes revives the heart to sing songs and for happier words to echo. Nicely done!!

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Write Girl, keep writing. The poem echoes all that you feel about the world, about you....

septembermom said...

Strong and moving. Wonderful!