Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trip Round the World

Hi bloggers,

It's been awhile since I posted for Thursday Tales. This week's entry is inspired by PompaElite.

I’ll take a trip round the world papa,” Gloria laughed. She was amused by the neon lights and painted clown faces. Papa grinned back at her with his righteous smile. She saw an image of herself in his large glasses, twinkling in the dark.

“How about the merry-go-round?” He hoisted her up on his shoulders, and she watched the majestic horses rise and float on air. They were lemon dropped, gray, red, and blue. He cradled her softly in his arms and squeezed her in a big embrace.

“I love horses,” she laughed and sprinted towards the line of children. Papa lifted her on a rose colored horse, and she leaned in close to his face.

“I’ll be right here watching you,” he whispered and kissed her black, curly forehead. She raised her head up and smiled. He watched her rise and fall on the red horse. The merry-go-round soon became a vast, circle of colors. He caught a glimpse of her spinning madly, fluttering in a whirl of children and carnival lights.

He remembered the evening as she met him in a trail of white. She was an ethereal bride in crystals and pearls. Her dark curls were swept up in a crown.

“Papa, one last trip around the world?” Her grin was infectious as she slipped into his arms. He embraced his daughter once more.

“Yes, my little Gloria.” And they glided down the aisle as the world spun in place.


Kilauea Poetry said...

Wow, I really enjoyed all the imagery in this one! Excellent the way you wove that in!! Nice photo too-
Hey thanks for the movie tip:)

nimaruichi said...

What a lovely, nostalgic piece!
I liked Gloria's trip round the world.

bel said...

Such a sweet story!