Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some Holiday Cheer

Hi bloggers,

One, ceremonious tree lighting ignited the darkened sky before a raucous crowd of friends, families, and neighbors. Infused with rock music from We the Kings, screaming teenage girls, and merry shoppers, the event was blissfully lighthearted and full of holiday cheer. We’ll be giving thanks and dreaming of turkey Thursday. How will you ring in the holidays?


Kilauea Poetry said...

Well no doubt this will be fun!! I hit them on youtube and the sounds are positve too..nice festive picture! Wishing you a really fabulous Thanksgiving-

Jim said...

Hey W.G! I am glad you all enjoyed the tree lighting and the "We the Kings." Thank you for introducing them to me. I watched them at 'Children's Hospital Boston' on their YouTube. (clicked 'I like').

Our kids and grandkids except Jenna (granddaughter) are all going out of town for TG to visit other relatives (except daughter Karen and family who are now living in London for two or three years). So we are going to Luby's with Jenna and her boy friend who are staying (and studying for finals).

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope it will be very nice for you!

septembermom said...

I'm in the spirit now! Thanks!