Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Three hundred and sixty five
Days of abundance
Cupfuls of warmth, love, and time
Shared beauty of earth
Measured in the breath of life
Gazing in wonder
At the wide open skies
Family and memories
Make the days sweeter
Friendship lightens
The daily beating drum
In all things
In all seasons
In past and present
Future journeys
Ponder, pause, and pray
May all give thanks


parisapartment said...

Shared beauty of earth
Measured in the breath of life
It's all just so beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving!

Shaun said...

This is a great poem! I love to write fiction and poetry myself, but lately I've been a bit cynical with my blogging. Perhaps I should create a second blog devoted to being more positive.

I mean, look at the things I'm thankful for... not very nice, huh?

Jim said...

It's a wonderful blessing to have all the things that we should be thankful for isn't it! You covered the important aspects of happiness here very nicely.

I hope your Thanksgiving was happy!

C Will said...

Hey WG,
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sometimes the holiday season can be painful if you have lost a loved one. It's a good time to share with the family you still have and so I did!! much love:)

septembermom said...

Such joy in these words. Wonderfully written and conveyed to the reader. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!!